Australia’s transport emissions are rising and fuelling the climate crisis – while we have ample solutions available today to reverse this trend. Local governments can play a vital role in leading on transport emissions reduction by electrifying the cars and waste vehicles they use and lease. 

Can you email your local government Mayor today, and ask them to adopt a 100% zero emissions fleet?

Electrifying the vehicles owned or leased by the local council – including cars and waste management vehicles – is a win-win for both the council and the community. This can decrease air and noise pollution, increase the availability of affordable electric vehicles on the second hand market, and create fleets that are cheaper to run and maintain. This means more money available for councils to invest back into the community. 

With 40% of new car sales in Australia purchased for government, business and rental fleets, transitioning to zero-emissions council fleets can make a big impact to reduce transport emissions across Australia.

According to the Electric Vehicle Council, 148 electric vehicle variants are currently available to purchase in Australia. Over the next 18 months and beyond, more electric utes, vans and trucks are coming to Australian shores. This means there will be an electric option for the wide variety of jobs that local governments need vehicles for.

Many councils are already benefiting from beginning their transition to a zero-emissions fleet. Check out the video below to see Merri-bek Council’s fleet electrification journey:

Email your local government today and ask them to put the pedal to the metal on a zero emissions fleet.

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Banner image photo credit: Simon Woodcock