Cities Power Partnership

Re-powering cities across Australia

A Climate Council Project Launching Soon

The challenge

Global heat records have been broken again, with 2016 declared the hottest for a third consecutive year. Australians continues to swelter through record breaking heat, lengthening bushfire seasons, worsening coastal flooding and supercharged storms. The emission of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, are driving these dramatic changes of the climate system and need to be drastically reduced.

However, the window of opportunity to limit the warming of the planet and its catastrophic impacts is rapidly closing and governments are struggling to meet this challenge at the pace required.

Local champions

In the face of these challenges local champions have emerged. Around the world and across Australia, towns and cities of all shapes and sizes are getting on with the job. They are surging ahead with emissions reduction plans, switching to cleaner energy and building greener, efficient and more resilient communities. From booming urban centres to small rural townships, local governments and groups of determined residents have been energy and climate trailblazers in many ways.

Towns and cities can shape how land is used, investments are made and millions of dollars worth of renewable energy is rolled out. They can influence how new homes and business are built, determine the ways in which hundreds of thousands of residents will travel each day and band together to lobby for much needed state and federal policy change. Transforming the way cities use and generate energy alone has the potential to deliver 70% of the total emissions reductions needed to stay on track for the 2 degrees limit set under the Paris Agreement (IEA 2016).

The Cities Power Partnership (CPP)

The Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership (CPP) seeks to celebrate and accelerate the emission reduction and clean energy successes of Australian towns and cities to date. We are calling on Mayors, councillors and communities to take the next step towards a sustainable, non-polluting energy future by joining the CPP.

Participating councils who join the partnership will have 6 months to select 5 key actions from the partnership pledge ranging from renewable energy, efficiency, transport and advocacy. Councils will receive access to a national knowledge hub to assist with the implementation of emissions reductions projects and will be buddied with other participating councils to knowledge share.

The clean energy successes of councils and their communities will be showcased in print and online media across Australia. These positive stories will also be shared through our social media platforms to millions of people and celebrated by our community of over 200,000 members and supporters.

The Three Phases to the Cities Power Partnership

Become a Power Partner

• Act: Councils sign up to be a Power Partner.

• Knowledge: Partners get exclusive access to the extensive online knowledge hub and our power analytics tool that helps councils to track emissions, energy and cost savings of projects.

• Connect: Each partner is buddied with two other cities to knowledge share throughout the year

• Profile: Power partners are profiled in national and local media, online and to our 200,000 supporters.

Power Up

• Act: Partners have 6 months to select 5 key actions from the partnership pledge ranging from renewable energy, efficiency, transport and advocacy. They must identify a point of contact within council who will liaise with the Climate Council and work to implement their actions. Pledges are submitted by each partner and profiled online.

• Knowledge: Partners will have ongoing access to the knowledge hub, webinars with domestic and international experts as well as communications and advocacy training where required.

• Connect: Power Partners can be connected with their local community energy group and relevant local organisations who can be contracted to help council begin or improve implementation of emission reduction actions. Councils who are already leading will play an important knowledge sharing role with other partners and will be profiled in the media to inspire others.

• Incentives: Cities may have access to exclusive grants and renewable energy incentives as they become available

• Profile: Power partners and their local success stories will continue to be profiled in the media. Climate Councillors will travel to a range of communities across Australia to engage in community events and talk to councils.

Power On

•Act: Partners report on progress against key actions in a 6 monthly survey.

•Knowledge: Partners access local and international knowledge and inspiration at the 2018 Power Partners Summit.

• Connect: Partners will be brought together to celebrate the high achieving towns and cities at the Power Partners Summit.

• Profile: Success stories will continually be celebrated in the media, Climate Councillors continue to travel to a range of Australian communities, more towns and cities become Power Partners and lead the switch to non-polluting energy across the country

Download the information pack

Click Here to download our information for councils on the Cities Power Partnership

Chip in to supercharge local leadership

Momentum is growing! Councils across the country are signed up and ready to go, and the project is already partly funded - we just need your help to get it off the ground!


When is the Cities Power Partnership launching?

Soon! It’s launching in July 2017. If you want to be notified when we launch, email [email protected]

Can I nominate my town or city to be part of the Cities Power Partnership?

Yes! The Cities Power Partnership website will be launching soon and nominations can be made through the website. In the meantime if you want to recommend a town or city for the Cities Power Partnership email telling us the name of the city and why you think it’s a good fit [email protected]

I’m part of a community energy organisation, how can my organisation get involved?

We would love for you to be involved. The Cites Power Partnership wants to profile and connect community energy groups with councils involved in the partnership. This connection is vital to help councils achieve success as communtiy energy groups and the community more broadly can provide on-the ground support, including workshops and modelling, to help councils achieve their energy and sustainability commitments.

Email [email protected] for more information

My company is interested in providing incentives to help cities involved in the Cities Power Partnership achieve their energy and sustainability goals. How can I find out more?

It would be great to hear from you. Email your inquiry to [email protected]

My town or city is already leading in renewable energy and sustainability, what does my city get out of joining the partnership ?

Cities leading the way play an essential role in the partnership. They will share their knowledge with other cities, their successes will be celebrated to an audience of millions to inspire others and they will have access to resources and incentives to help them to continue to lead.