Episode 8: Icons at Risk

05.06.18 By

Australia’s most popular tourist destinations are in the firing line, with intensifying climate change posing a significant threat to the nation’s iconic natural wonders.

The Climate Council’s ‘Icons at Risk: Climate Change Threatening Australian Tourism’ report shows Australia’s top five natural tourist attractions could be hit by extreme heatwaves, increasing temperatures, rising sea-levels, coastal flooding and catastrophic coral bleaching.

Australia’s iconic beaches, wilderness areas, national parks and the Great Barrier Reef are the most vulnerable hotspots, while our unique native wildlife is also at risk, as climate change accelerates.

The key findings also highlight that some of Australia’s most popular natural destinations could become no-go zones during peak holiday periods and seasons, with the potential for extreme temperatures to reach up to 50 degrees in Sydney and Melbourne.

Presented by Alexia Boland with expert guests Climate Councillor and ecologist Professor Lesley Hughes and Climate Council Acting CEO Dr Martin Rice.

Read the full report ‘Icons at Risk: Climate Change Threatening Australian Tourism’, released on February 14, 2018.