Episode 6: Think Global, Act Local

01.06.18 By

You know the old expression, think global, act local? Well, it’s happening here in Australia, right now. With local governments, big and small, representing millions of Australians across the country banding together, rolling up their sleeves to tackle climate change in their own backyards.

With its inception just one year ago, the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership now represents almost 100 councils, each pledging to do their bit to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and to be more sustainable and energy efficient, among a huge number of other measures. And the number of councils signing up to be part of the action is showing no sign of slowing down, with numbers growing month after month.

Presented by Alexia Boland featuring expert guest Cities Power Partnership Director, Alix Pearce.

To find out more about the Cities Power Partnership visit the website here.