Episode 5: Old Coal Clunkers & Heatwaves

01.06.18 By
The Climate Council Podcast
Episode 5: Old Coal Clunkers & Heatwaves

In October 2017, climate scientists from the Australian National University released damning data predicting Australia’s biggest cities could experience unprecedented extreme heat by the end of the century.

The research expects cities like Sydney and Melbourne could be hit with sweltering conditions reaching as high as 50 degrees, all as a result of worsening climate change.

Already in Australia, climate change is driving more frequent and intense extreme weather, including heatwaves, supercharged storms, droughts, and bushfires, along with the back-to-back bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef.

Today, climate change fuelled severe heatwaves are already placing our electricity grid at risk, with ageing coal and gas power stations struggling to cope when the temperatures rise.

Presented by Alexia Boland with expert guests Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie and Climate Councillor and energy expert Professor Andrew Stock.

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