Episode 23: Droughts & Flooding Rains

21.09.18 By
The Climate Council Podcast
Episode 23: Droughts & Flooding Rains

Climate change is driving an increase in the intensity and frequency of hot days and heatwaves in Australia, exacerbating drought conditions.

Right now, 100 per cent of New South Wales has been drought declared, while much of Queensland is also affected.

Today we speak to our newest Climate Councillor, Dr Joelle Gergis, who is an award-winning climate scientist, specialising in climate extremes.

Dr Gergis has written about Australia’s climate history, including drought, in her new book ‘Sunburnt Country: The future and history of climate change in Australia’, where she investigates and explains the impact of a warming planet on Australian lifestyles and ecosystems, along with the power we all have to make a difference.

Presented by Alexia Boland.