Episode 18: Meet the Council: Prof. Hilary Bambrick

15.08.18 By
The Climate Council Podcast
Episode 18: Meet the Council: Prof. Hilary Bambrick

As climate change driven extreme weather events, such as severe heatwaves worsen, adverse impacts on human health are also at risk of increasing.

The Climate Council has found that without substantial action to tackle climate change, heatwaves could cause hundreds of additional death each year in Australia, by 2050.

Climate Councillor and public health expert Professor Hilary Bambrick has forged an impressive career investigating the impacts changes in our environment have on human health, along with researching human ecology. Working in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and Africa, her research has focused on the health challenges facing communities and how to strengthen climate resilience.

Professor Bambrick is the Head of the School of Public Health and Social Work at Queensland University of Technology.

Read more about climate change and health with the Climate Council’s The Silent Killer: Climate Change and the Health Impacts of Extreme Heat report.

Podcast presented by Alexia Boland.