Episode 17: Meet the Council: Gerry Hueston

30.07.18 By
The Climate Council Podcast
Episode 17: Meet the Council: Gerry Hueston

Gerry Hueston is an energy expert, Climate Councillor and Chair of the Climate Council.

He is a prominent businessman who has worked all over the world in roles for BP, with his career in the oil industry spanning over 34 years, including positions serving at the President of BP Australasia.

Gerry Hueston was a foundation commissioner and energy expert on the Climate Commission before it was abolished in 2013, and played a key role as the Climate Council rose from the ashes soon after.

This episode looks at Climate Councillor and energy expert Gerry Hueston‘s career, how climate change burst onto the agenda for BP in the 90’s and what his thoughts are on the state of climate and energy policy in Australia today.

For more information on coal in Australia please view the Climate Council’s new report ‘End of the Line: Coal in Australia’.

Podcast presented by Alexia Boland.