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82% of Australians are concerned about climate change leading to more dangerous bushfires (1). 

And the Bushfire Royal Commission was explicit: climate change fuelled the Black Summer bushfires, and worse will be on the way unless we act now to reduce our emissions. 

There is no time to waste: the Federal Government must accept every single one of the recommendations laid out in the final report from the Bushfire Royal Commission (2), and act on the root cause of bushfires in Australia by taking urgent steps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. 

Extremely hot, dry conditions, underpinned by years of reduced rainfall and severe drought fuelled the unprecedented fires and losses during the 2019-20 summer. 

If we don’t act to reduce emissions now, we can expect more devastating bushfire seasons in the future.  

The Federal Government’s failure to rapidly and deeply bring down greenhouse gas emissions is causing grave loss of life and property, severely damaging the economy and decimating the natural environment.

Sign your name now to join our campaign to hold the Federal Government accountable, and push them to act now on the recommendations from the Bushfire Royal Commission.

For more details on the recommendations, read our guide: Unpacking the Bushfire Royal Commission, or see how long it takes for the Federal Government to accept and implement the recommendations by checking out the Accountability Tracker, from Emergency Leaders for Climate Action.

(1) Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements Report, 30 Oct 2000

(2) Climate of the Nation Report, The Australia Institute, October 2020

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Climate change is supercharging bushfires and exposing communities, firefighters and emergency services to unprecedented danger and challenges.

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