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82% of Australians are concerned about climate change leading to more dangerous bushfires.

And the findings of the Bushfire Royal Commission were explicit: climate change fuelled the devastatingly horrific Black Summer bushfires and worse will be on the way unless we act urgently to reduce our emissions.

We must do everything we can to prevent another Black Summer.

When it comes to protecting Australian communities, the Federal Government often talks the talk – but we desperately need to see words matched with action.

Sign this petition today to call on the Federal Government to urgently achieve net zero emissions and implement the Royal Commission’s recommendations to protect Australian communities from increasingly severe bushfires.

Firefighters, Emergency Leaders, doctors, farmers, First Nations Leaders and community members are calling for strong climate action to protect communities, save lives and property from worsening extreme weather conditions – including bushfires.

You can’t fight fires unless you fight climate change, which is being driven by burning coal, oil and gas.

There is no time to waste: the Federal Government must start listening to climate experts and act now to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sign this petition if you agree.

(1) Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements Report, 30 Oct 2000

(2) Climate of the Nation Report, The Australia Institute, October 2020

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Climate change is supercharging bushfires and exposing communities, firefighters and emergency services to unprecedented danger and challenges.

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