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If approved, the controversial Narrabri Coal Seam Gas Project in NSW could have significant climate impacts and lock in dangerous greenhouse gas emissions for years to come. But the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) is currently considering whether the project should go ahead. Read on for more information about the project and add your name to our submission to the IPC.

Let’s send a strong message that new fossil fuel projects are expensive, unsustainable and unviable.

What is the Narrabri Gas Project?

The Narrabri gas project is a significant coal seam gas (CSG) project owned by gas and oil company, Santos. The project will involve the drilling of 850 CSG wells across 95,000 hectares of land in and around the Pilliga State Forest and grazing land near the town of Narrabri, in the New England region of NSW. 

Santos claims that its project will produce 200 terajoules of gas per day over 20 years. This would lock in emissions for years to come, and further endanger local communities by supercharging the impacts of climate change. Read more about gas and why it’s bad, here. 

Whether it’s farmers concerned about damages to groundwater and pastoral lands, Indigenous leaders fearing for the future of sacred sites, or the Narrabri Rural Fire Service refusing to send volunteer firefighters into gas fields due to increased fire risk, the strength of the community opposition to this project is clear. 

What’s the latest? 

The Narrabri Gas Project is currently before the Independent Planning Commission, the final hurdle it needs to clear after the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment recommended that it should be approved.

But economists, climate scientists, engineers, public health experts and conservation biologists and hundreds of people from the local community have pointed out an array of errors and misleading claims in Santos’s Environmental Impact Statement to the members of the Independent Planning Commission.

We’re calling on the Independent Planning Commissioners to recognise that gas is a highly polluting fossil fuel and a greenhouse gas – worse than carbon dioxide – and unnecessary in our future energy mix. This project cannot be allowed to proceed.

We’re compiling two submissions to the IPC, one outlining the significant climate, ecological and environmental risks of the Narrabri project, and one showcasing the strong community opposition to new gas and fossil fuel projects in Australia. 

Add your name now to include it in our community submission to the IPC. 

Why should the Independent Planning Commission reject this project? 

Aside from the impacts of this project on greenhouse gas emissions, groundwater, or the risk to local koala populations, preventing the Narrabri project from going ahead would go a long way towards ending gas exploration in NSW. 

If Narrabri falls over, this sends a clear message nationally that new fossil fuel projects are dangerous and unsustainable. 

What about local jobs?

Jobs in clean energy can put people first, while tackling the climate crisis too.

The New England Renewable Energy Zone (REZ), which has just been announced in the same electorate, is a genuine alternative to dirty, polluting and unviable fossil fuels, like gas. The REZ  can produce as much energy as all of NSW’s coal-fired power stations combined, and create thousands of clean and sustainable jobs in the Narrabri region.

And the Climate Council’s Clean Jobs Plan, produced with independent modelling agency AlphaBeta, shows that there are 5,000 jobs ready to go in New South Wales in utility-scale renewable energy projects. 

Installing utility-scale renewable energy projects like this in every state and territory in Australia, can: 

Read more about the Clean Jobs Plan here.

Ok, so what can I do? 

Add your name now and we’ll include it in our submission to the Independent Planning Commission. 

We need to act fast to turn the tide against the gas and fossil fuel industry by influencing the decision on Narrabri and throwing up another roadblock for Santos, forcing them to understand that Narrabri, and any new gas or fossil project, is nothing more than a dangerous waste of time. 

Sign your name now and have your voice counted in our submission to the Independent Planning Commission, and together, let’s show that gas has no future in Australia’s energy mix.

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Gas has no future in Australia’s energy mix. Add your name now to our submission.

It’s time to build a better, cleaner Australia, by rejecting the Narrabri Gas Project and choosing clean energy opportunities, which put people and the environment first. 

Sign your name now and have your voice counted in our submission to the Independent Planning Commission.