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To: The Hon. Madeleine King, MP – Federal Minister for Resources

The Dirty Dozen are Australia’s 12 biggest fossil fuel polluters, responsible for almost 10% of our total national carbon emissions. Right now, these companies are fuelling the climate crisis, and raking in billions in profit while they’re at it.

But we have a chance to say enough is enough, and force the Dirty Dozen to start pulling their weight on cutting Australia’s emissions. Minister King, the Australian Government needs to urgently reform the Safeguard Mechanism, and set strong emissions limits on Australia’s biggest fossil fuel polluters. 

We demand a strong Safeguard Mechanism that will: 

Failure to strengthen the Safeguard Mechanism will lock in more dangerous extreme weather for decades more to come, and destroy any hope of Australia making the deep cuts in emissions we need by 2030.

To avoid the worst impacts of harmful climate change, emissions must genuinely go down this decade. 

But to deal with the smoke, we must first put out the fire. 

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