Australia is recovering from the economic shock driven by COVID-19, and governments have a critical role to play in creating clean jobs and ensuring that we rebuild our economy right.

Australian states and territories have announced over 30 policies to create thousands of secure jobs while tackling climate change.

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Solutions in renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate resilience can create jobs, drive down greenhouse gas emissions and lead Australia out of the climate and economic crises.

And it’s states and territories who are leading the way by announcing policies and funding to create opportunities in clean industries – such as Queensland, which has announced $500 million dollars to set up a renewable energy fund, and the ACT, which plans to invest $100 million dollars to deliver 250MW of large-scale and distributed batteries.

So if you want to see more investment in solutions that create jobs and tackle climate change, add your name to congratulate clean jobs leaders today – and let’s keep the solutions coming.

Read more about our Clean Jobs Plan here.

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