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South Australia has built the world’s most powerful battery – which has revolutionised clean energy in Australia! Leadership on renewable energy and storage deserves recognition. Sign our petition to show South Australia – and the world – that you want a clean energy future.

At 100MW, the Tesla-Neoen collaboration is the most powerful lithium ion battery storage facility in the world(!), with the ability to power up to 30,000 homes in a blackout (1). And all while running on renewable energy, courtesy of 99 turbines at nearby Hornsdale wind farm.

South Australia’s record-smashing battery adds reliability and security to the power grid by responding rapidly in times of peak demand and providing essential grid services, helping to bring down energy prices. We’ve already seen its ‘quick draw’ capabilities: the battery kicked into gear in milliseconds after one of Australia’s biggest coal units tripped without warning (2).

So how did it come about? A once-in-50-year storm triggered a blackout across SA, attracting much speculation, misinformation and media attention (3). To improve the security and reliability of the South Australian grid, the state government struck a deal with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and renewable energy company Neoen and the battery was built well within its ambitious 100-day timeframe.

And it’s not all South Australia is doing to transition to a clean energy future: wind and solar PV already comprise 57% of power generated (4) and it has set a target of net zero emissions by 2050 (5).

So let’s show our support for leadership on renewables! Add your name to our congratulatory petition to South Australia, and we’ll deliver it straight to the people of South Australia!

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