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Strathbogie Shire (VIC) is bringing down power bills and increasing its renewable energy capacity by putting in place a big plan: the Bogie Bulk Buy! The Shire Council has partnered with the Yarra Energy Foundation on a program that’s bringing solar installation and power prices down, while increasing their renewable energy capacity.

We think little towns who are taking matters into their own hands deserve a big pat on the back. Join us in congratulating Strathbogie Shire on the Bogie Bulk Buy, their big-thinking renewable energy plan!

This little shire in Victoria, Australia, is harnessing the power of solar by giving its residents access to simple, affordable, renewable solar energy.

The council’s program, in partnership with the Yarra Energy Foundation (dubbed the ‘Bogie Bulk Buy’), organises residents to purchase solar together at a cheaper rate. The result? Lower power bills and cleaner energy.

Success stories to come out of Strathbogie include farmer, David Jamieson, who installed solar over ten years ago and says it has more than paid for itself, and local winemaker, Hayley Purbrick, who has saved around $15,000 a year after installing solar at her winery.

Bogie Bulk Buy participant, Wendy Keenan, sums it up best: ‘If people are considering [solar], they should go for it, because it’s better for our environment and it’s better for your pocket.’

If you agree that all Australians deserve access to solar power, and that councils who deliver innovative renewable energy solutions ought to be recognised and celebrated, sign our petition to congratulate Strathbogie Shire Council and its residents.

Let’s inspire more towns across Australia to implement innovative renewable energy projects just like this one!

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