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The Cities Power Partnership is now powered by 70 councils, representing 8 million Australians taking tangible action on climate change. Sign this petition to congratulate local councils across the country who are driving local solutions on climate change!

The Cities Power Partnership (CPP) was first launched by the Climate Council in 2017 to take back the power on climate action and put it in the hands of our communities. And today, 70 local governments form what has become the largest climate program for local governments in Australia.

Partner councils must take five pledges, such as installing renewable energy on council buildings, rolling out energy efficient lighting or converting waste to energy. They can also ‘buddy up’ with other member councils to share ideas and work together.

And those ideas are already taking shape in the form of real-world action, with renewable energy, sustainable transport and efficiency projects rolling out across the country. Lismore’s floating solar farm, the ACT’s revolutionary electric vehicle ramp up and Strathbogie’s fantastic bulk buy that helps pensioners save with solar, are just some examples of projects that are already underway.

Give our local climate leaders a great big pat on the back by signing this petition today!

Federally, Australia is lagging on climate action – the current Federal Government’s proposed energy policy, the National Energy Guarantee, proposes woefully inadequate emissions reductions targets and could see the surge in renewable energy and storage come to a grinding halt.

That’s why local action is so important.

The Cities Power Partnership, now representing 70 local governments, 250 towns and cities and 8 million Australians, is empowering everyday Aussies to become a part of climate action in their own backyards. Sign this petition today to encourage other local leaders to follow suit.

We know that a majority of Australians think that the country isn’t doing enough about climate change (1), and are frustrated by the lack of federal action. At this critical time in our history, when the window to act on climate change is closing, it is abundantly clear that climate leadership must come from our communities.

And if we can continue to push for climate solutions from the ground up, we can create collective change on a massive scale.

Stand with the millions of Australians represented by councils committed to acting on climate change. Sign this petition today.

(1) Essential Poll, September 2017

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To: The 70 (and growing!) CPP member councils across Australia

Thank you for taking action on climate change and showing what’s possible when we work together.

As we witness more people around the world being impacted by extreme weather events that are increasing in frequency and intensity, we know that climate action can no longer be delayed.

Thanks for leading the way on climate change action in our communities!